Healthy Community Without Boundaries

Achieve Community Together advances social change to deepen community through advocacy, collaborative leadership, and collective impact.

Who We Are

We are people who love this community. We help connect and support others who also want to continue making our community a friendly, caring place to live, work and play.

How It Began

Community leaders in the Tri Region hosted an event called the Change Summit in November 2016. During that event, over 100 community people came together with one shared vision – to build a healthy community without boundaries. Five topics were determined as the main areas of focus –Innovation, Social Change, Health and Wellness, Learning, and Transportation. By the end of the two day event, hundreds of ideas and comments were collected, leading to all of the initiatives that have evolved since the Summit.

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There are various ways to get involved from simply enjoying coffee conversations on Friday mornings to launching new ideas. Contribute however you can and whenever you can!